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Hiromasa Abe






山を模せば山に突き離され、差異を強調すれば森に拒絶され、偶然性に頼れば大地にかき消される。それでも何度も心を無にしてその空間を見つめなおす。そしてようやく風景と調和すればそこに存在することを許される。作品がまるで以前から存在していたように浸透していく。 それを通して僕は空間に最初から漂っていた美の正体を垣間見る。

A beautiful mountain. A rock that a river flows over. A log that has washed up on a sandy beach.

These shapes, however unduplicable by man, give me a power sense of inevitability.

To what degree has mankind approached this absolute power to convince ?

To find the answer to that, I undertake the task of creating my works out in the natural environment. 

To move a mountain, one must be like a mountain. Emphasis on difference leads to rejection by nature.

Relying on chance and the earth will swallow you.

Time after time, I clear my mind for the true essence to reveal itself.

And at last, if it is in harmony with its environment, my work will be accepted.

Things give an impression that something precedent has left a mark.

And I discover in such things a beauty of something that has always been there.


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